Aurora Business Development

Lean Consultancy , Mentoring and Training Courses.

With Aurora’s 40 plus years of experience, we can help unlock your potential, increase efficiency which will result in higher profits for your business
Aurora Business Development


My name is Brian Matthews and I help Individuals and Companies become more profitable by using my 60 plus years of personal business experience and knowledge. This is achieved by helping people eliminate wasteful activities in their work and in their life. The results are usually, Higher Productivity, Stress Reduction and More Profits.

Aurora has been in business for 40 plus years and we can help you in the following areas:

Elimination of Waste

We define waste as any activity that adds cost but does not add value. We help solve that problem.


This is a major issue across business. Our courses highlight ways of increasing productivity.

High Costs

Costs should always be understood and we explain to how to control costs

Continuous Improvement

Unless we are improving our business all of the time, we will fail. This must become a way of life.