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Continuous Improvement

These comprehensive programmes are aimed at the organisation and  implementation teams. They are specifically designed for people working in ERP, Supply Chain, Materials, Lean, Manufacturing,Service Companies, Planning and Logistics. They provide the practical tools and techniques every member of staff needs to achieve results in todays world-class organisations.
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Enterprise Resource Planning Fundamentals
Duration 1 Day 
Course Summary
Manufacturing excellence is built on solid foundations. This workshop ensures that the basics are right.  The course covers all aspects needed for a successfull implentation of Enterprise Resource Planning.
Course Objectives
To explain, What Enterprise Resource Planning is,

What it will bring to your company,

How to implement it correctly.

Who should attend

Planners, Schedulers, Material Controllers, Stores Managers, Purchasing Staff and anyone who should understand how the Materials & Planning System works, should attend.
Duration - 1 Day
Course Summary
The use of accurate data is fundamental to the success of any system.  This one-day course is designed to enable you to evaluate your current position and to develop a strategy for achieving and maintaining the high level of data accuracy needed for a successful  system.
Course Objectives

To define the role and function of inventory and to know how to manage it.

Who should attend

This course should be attended by material handlers, stores personnel, material planners and anyone who has an input into the inventory records

Elimination of waste Fundementals.


Duration - 1 Day 

 Course Summary

This 1 Day  course introduces the concepts and idea of Lean and the elimination of waste.

Course Objectives

To ensure that course participants have a thorough understanding of the ideas and benefits of Lean and understand how to eliminate waste within their own companies.

Who should attend,

Anyone within the company who wants to understand the concepts of Lean  and who want to start to implement these ideas should attend.

Duration - 1 Day 
Course Summary
This course is an introduction to the elements of Supply Chain Management. It explains the concepts of supply chain and it will help to combat the fear of change.
Course Objectives
To explore the concepts of Supply Chain Management. To explain the necessity for co-operation and partnership between customers and suppliers.  To help drive out the fear of change when implementing a supply chain philosophy.

Who should attend

Planners, Schedulers, Material Controllers, Stores Managers, Purchasing Staff and anyone who should understand how the Materials Planning System works, should attend.

Supply Chain Management Master Class.       Duration   3 Days.

Course Summary.

This course is dedigned for the implementors and managers of the Supply Chain Management with the company.

It covers the foundations of Supply Chain Management and the basics that Must be in place to make Supply Chain Management work.

Business Master Class               Duration - 4 Days

Course Summary
To be successful in the implementation of ERP or Supply Chain Management, Senior Management and other key personnel must possess an in-depth understanding of the vital underlying principles and concepts. During implementation it is inevitable that traditional practices are questioned and established values are challenged. It is essential that change is managed sensitively so that enthusiasm and confidence are fostered. Fundamentally, ERP/Supply Chain Management is a People System - people being the greatest resource. It is the unity of purpose and commitment of the entire work force that will make ERP/Supply Chain Management work.
Course Objectives

To ensure a thorough understanding of the most up-to-date Business Planning and Control Techniques in an ERP situation.

To Explain how to integrate ERP techniques to meet the competitive challenge of the modern world.

 Topics Covered include
 'Why ERP? MRP. Material Planning. Bills of Material and Recipes. Inventory Records Accuracy. Demand Management. Senior Management's Role in Planning. Master Production Scheduling. Capacity Planning and Shop Floor Control. Just-in-Time. Purchasing. The Implementation Project. Measures of Success. Supply Chain Management. Lean Manufacturing. Continual Improvement Process."

Who should attend

All those involved in the implementation and operation of ERP or Supply Chain Management. Therefore all managers and key personnel from production planning and control, data processing, purchasing, sales and marketing, engineering, manufacturing and material control should attend.

Continuous Improvement and Change

Duration half a day ( in-company )

This half day session is ideal to explain the concepts of Continuous Improvement.

Continuous Improvement Process Overview 

Duration - 1 Day Price 

Course Summary

 This course explains the ideas,philosophy and tecniques supporting sucessfull continuous improvement.

Course Objectives

Three of the biggest problems in the world of commerce & industary are:


Low Productivity and

 High Costs.

This course looks at ways of dealing with these problems.

Who Should attend;

All people involved in a Continuous Improvement Process within the business


 Duration: 1 Day

 Course Summary

This course will help you as a manager/ supervisor to examine better ways of working with and through your staff. It will provide practical ways to clarify jobs, coach, motivate people and deal with problem staff


Course Objectives

The course will offer good practical approaches to managing staff. At the end of the day you will


  • Understand the importance of real delegation
  • Be able to clarify what you want from staff
  • Know when and how to coach staff
  • Appreciate a range of practical approaches to motivation
  • Learn practical approaches top dealing with difficult staff


Who should attend?

Any manager, supervisor or team leader who has to get results through their staff



 Duration: 1 Day

 Course Summary

As a manager/ supervisor the primary resource you have in the job is time. Where you put your time determines how successful you are in the job and the results you get from others

 Course Objectives

The day is a workshop design in which you will be encouraged to confront your own issues with time and self management. By the end of the course you will:

  1.  Understand the need for better self management
  2. Know more precisely where your time is going
  • Be able to set priorities and work to them
  • Have access to a number of simple tools you can use immediately
  • Know how to reduce time-wasters in the job

 Who should attend?

Any manager/supervisor who feels they could and should be getting more done with their time



 Duration: 1 Days

 Course Summary

If you need to communicate more effectively with staff, other managers or customers and suppliers this course would be ideal for you.


Course objectives

The course is highly practical and will include exercises, self analysis and simulations. During the course you will get personal feedback and coaching on how to improve your style and approach to others. At the end of the course you will have learned


  • The fundamentals of good communications
  • How to listen effectively
  • How to influence others
  • Practical ways to give and invite feedback
  • How to deal with difficult people
  • Ways to improve your style of communicating


Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to communicate effectively to get their job done and those who may lack confidence in dealing with others.