Course A-200

Business Master Class

This is an intensive course covering the main aspects of business control, including, Lean, Kiazen, Supply Chain Management and Planning from MRP to ERP. It highlights the benefits to be gained by using these ideas.

Course Summary

To be successful in the implementation of ERP or Supply Chain Management, Senior Management and other key personnel must possess an in-depth understanding of the vital underlying principles and concepts. During implementation it is inevitable that traditional practices are questioned and established values are challenged. It is essential that change is managed sensitively so that enthusiasm and confidence are fostered. Fundamentally, ERP/Supply Chain Management is a People System – people being the greatest resource. It is the unity of purpose and commitment of the entire work force that will make ERP/Supply Chain Management work.

Course Objectives

  • To ensure a thorough understanding of the most up-to-date Business Planning and Control Techniques in an ERP situation.
  • To Explain how to integrate ERP techniques to meet the competitive challenge of the modern world.


  1. Why ERP? MRP
  2. Material Planning
  3. Bills of Material and Recipes
  4. Inventory Records Accuracy
  5. Demand Management
  6. Senior Management’s Role in Planning
  7. Master Production Scheduling
  8. Capacity Planning and Shop Floor Control
  9. Just-in-Time
  10. Purchasing
  11. The Implementation Project
  12. Measures of Success
  13. Supply Chain Management
  14. Lean Manufacturing
  15. Continual Improvement Process

Who Is This Course For?

All those involved in the implementation and operation of ERP or Supply Chain Management. Therefore all managers and key personnel from production planning and control, data processing, purchasing, sales and marketing, engineering, manufacturing and material control should attend.

for online live presentation / online pre-recorded

Duration: 4-Day

You will learn the following during this course
  • Learn techniques you can use and benefit from immediately
  • Learn to spend less time ‘putting out fires‘ and learn to add value to your business
  • How to apply World Class techniques to streamline and simplify processes
  • Learn how to cope when things go wrong, by using measurements
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