Course A-400

Lean Thinking & The Elimination of Waste (JIT)

Waste is often the largest cost in business. In this introduction to Lean we examine ways of eliminating waste in your business.

Course Summary

This 1 Day  course introduces the concepts and idea of Lean and the elimination of waste.

Course Objectives

  • To help focus on Lean Thinking
  • To assist companies set targets for a Lean process
  • To build confidence in the concepts of Lean Thinking
  • To create an understanding of the elimination of Waste


  1. The Competitive Manufacturing Challenge – Kaizen to Lean
  2. The ‘Just-in-Time’ philosophy – The elimination of Waste
  3. Lean Thinking and Lean Manufacturing
  4. Just-in-Time Production Control
  5. Mapping
  6. Bringing it all together – Introducing Lean Thinking!

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone within the company who wants to understand the concepts of Lean  and who want to start to implement these ideas should attend.

for online live presentation / online pre-recorded

Duration: 1-Day

You will learn the following during this course
  • What is waste?
  • Principles of Lean in Business
  • People Involvement in a Lean Culture
  • Key Measurement of a Lean Business
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