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Customer Service

These courses were designed for the hospitality and services industries but are also applicable to all industry. They provide the needed customer care and service tools for the diverse workforce. Attendees include multi cultural and customer facing employees.
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Customer Care
Duration - 1 Day
Course Summary
This course is designed for all those, in any business, dealing with customers.
Course Objectives
It explains why customers stay loyal to one company and what can be done to increase the value of each customer. The theme of the course is ' The Customer Counts !.'
Who should attend
Anybody in a customer facing role. This is ideally suite to people in the hospitality and service sector.
Service Quality
Duration - 0.5 Day
Course Summary
"In today’s market, any company that wants to be successful needs to ensure a high and consistent level of service quality to their customers. "
Course Objectives
"Contrary to other customer training programs, this program focuses on the ‘why’ instead of the ‘how’, providing the participants with a challenging insight into their contribution towards service quality. Many service quality theories have been incorporated in such a way that they provide accessible tools for service quality understanding and improvement for all staff involved in customer service.
Incorporated exercises ensure the transition from theory to practice, allowing a focus for each unique service provider; be it a bank, hospital, telecom provider, hotel, restaurant,Shop or any other company that needs to deliver service quality. Training techniques incorporated are, interactive lectures, discussions, brainstorming sessions, and exercises. The training is modular in set up, allowing for the inclusion of corporate policy, case studies, or role plays. "
Who should attend
Anybody in a customer facing role. This is ideally suited to people in the hospitality trade.