Course A-500

Achieving Accurate Inventory Records

Developing a strategy to achieve and maintain 98% plus accuracy on all stock items. This will benefit all areas of the business.

Course Summary

The use of accurate data is fundamental to the success of any system.  This one-day course is designed to enable you to evaluate your current position and to develop a strategy for achieving and maintaining the high level of data accuracy needed for a successful  system.

Course Objectives

  • To outline the role and function of inventory in manufacturing.
  • To enable course participants to realise the need for data accuracy.
  • To enable participants to understand how to get and maintain data accuracy.
  • Reduce space use for storage


  1. What is inventory?
  2. Need for Accuracy
  3. Material Replenishment Systems
  4. Stockroom Accuracy
  5. Work-in-Process & Bills of Material
  6. Just-in-Time Production Control
  7. Procedures & Techniques
  8. Discussion and Close

Who Is This Course For?

This course should be attended by material handlers, stores personnel, material planners and anyone who has an input into the inventory records

for online live presentation / online pre-recorded

Duration: 1-Day

You will learn the following during this course
  • Stock, a asset or a liability
  • Need for Accuracy
  • How to measure stock accuracy
  • Eliminate stocktaking
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Tailored Development

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